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New Digs.

Hi there. Thanks for coming.

Most likely you’re here because of the last post on my previous blog. And I appreciate you making the jump. If you’re here from somewhere else, well howdy! And thanks for stopping by.

In case this is your first time hanging out with me, I think I’ll use this first post on my brand-spanking new blog to introduce myself. An extended ‘About Me’ section, if you will. If you read my old blog, I’m sure most of what I’m about to cover is not news to you, and to that I say deal with it. Read the entry anyway, you never know when you might learn something.

My name is Jennifer. I’m a 33 year old single woman living in eastern Pennsylvania. I’m a slightly geeky, liberal, non-religious wise ass. I’m a medical professional; I stick people in a big magnet and take pictures of their body parts. We’ll get into what I want to really do for a living another time.

I’m an only child. I’m very close to my parents, and I was spoiled a bit during my childhood, which leads to a tendency to pout a bit every now and then when I don’t get my way. I try to keep that impulse in check, and I’m not happy about it, but it does happen.

My heritage is half Puerto Rican and half Pennsylvania Dutch. I can only speak English.

I’m a big girl – tall and wide. The clinical term would be morbidly obese, but I don’t like to think about that. I know I’m carrying around an unhealthy amount of weight, and I struggle with it every day. I struggle to make the right choices, to work through why I can’t make the changes necessary to become healthy. It always sounds so simple – eat less, exercise more – but it’s not that easy, and only someone who’s been heavy their entire life can truly understand that. But again, another conversation, another day.

I’m a bit of an idiot savant with movies and TV and all things pop culture. When most of my friends are trying to think of the guy who played the guy who did that thing in that movie that one time, they ask me.

I think every sentence is funnier with the word ‘fuck’ in it. I don’t see cursing as a lack of vocabulary skills, I see it as an art form. And I? Am fucking Picasso.

I own a springer spaniel named Jasper, who is awesome.

And very handsome, to boot.

So, why ‘The Unmarried Housewife’?

I figure that’s the easiest way to describe my life. I have a home, I enjoy cooking and baking; I just don’t have anyone to cook and bake for. Which, I will say, I’m not exactly upset about. This will not be one of those “Oh, boo hoo, I’m a lonely single girl” type of blogs. Marriage? Kids? Not a priority. If it happens, great. If not, fantastic. My main goal in my life is just to be happy. Anything additional is icing on the cake. But let’s get it straight: I’m not one of those go out and party every night single girls, either. I hate the bar scene, always have. I always preferred to stay in with friends, having beers and tapas and watching TV. I’m a home body. Domesticated.

The…(wait for it)…Unmarried Housewife. Hope you’ll enjoy your time here.


Hi, I'm Jenn and welcome to my half-assed food blog. Here I share some recipes, lots of drinks, and talk about feeding my friends. Hope you enjoy.

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