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Visions of Undermount Sinks Dance in My Head

I have a great kitchen. It’s one of the main reasons I bought my house – most places I looked at had teeny little galley kitchens, with horrible appliances and two cabinets. My kitchen is 13 x 14 square, with lots of usable open space. I can fit a microwave cart, garbage can, Jasper’s food and dishes, a five-shelf baker’s rack, a small butcher-block top rolling cart and my table in this kitchen and still have room to actually, you know, cook. All of the appliances, while certainly not fancy or brand new were at least in good condition and functioning properly, and the decor (when I moved in) was tolerable.

Now? Not so much. The textured wall paper, the ivory/beige-y/eggshell walls, the horrible fake wood sticky linoleum tiles, the ORANGE FORMICA COUNTER TOP…they burn my eyes. The cabinets are butt-ass ugly dark wood, the fixtures and the range hood are outdated, and the overhead light barely casts any light at all. I’m tired of the whole room, and I’m itching for a change.

There’s no way I’d be able to afford a complete remodel, but there’s plenty of little things that can be done to update it. My parents are going to help me again, but this time around it’s a bit bigger job than the bathroom we did last year, so I’m a little anxious. I’m just hoping I can do it all under budget, within a three month time period, keep a handle on my sanity, and not commit matricide after hearing for the five millionth time how much my mother hates the color paint I picked.


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