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Project Kitchen; End Day 1


And now that I’m seeing the changes taking place, I’m really liking what I’m seeing. I took this past Thursday and Friday off to prep the kitchen and go to Lowes for supplies. I had a coupon for 10% off my whole order, so I got my new light fixture, range hood, paint, drawer hinges and handles, etc.

Big Poppa and Momma-San arrived around 10 A.M., and we were off to the races. Dad had the doors sanded and off the cupboards in no time, and mom started on the wall paper. We didn’t get it all down, we’re focusing on the area around the stove and fridge this weekend so the kitchen is still functional during the week. I stuck mostly with priming and painting the cupboards – I did the doors and drawer fronts outside, then came inside to finish the cupboards.

I couldn’t get a lot of painting done while Mom and Dad were still here (I have a ‘thing’ with working in crowded spaces. For some reason I get anxious and claustrophobic, and three people in an 11×13 kitchen with many tools and shit [not to mention a dog underfoot] gets crowded pretty damn quickly, hence why I stayed outside most of the day), so after they hit the road around 6:30, I finished the two coats on the cupboards, and slapped the topcoat on them and the drawers as well. Now it’s 11:30 and I’m tired as a motherfucker, so here’s some pics of our progress.

My sad little door-less freak cupboards. I’m really liking the white, though. It opens up the space and makes the kitchen so much brighter.

Speaking of brighter, I *love* the color yellow I picked. It’s a light, buttery yellow, and it really pops against the white cupboards and the green paint I have for under the chair rail.

The chair rail that’s hidden behind this mess. Hold me.


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