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Yes, I did just cut and paste an email I sent to my mom and think it suitable for use as a blog post. Kindly get the fuck over it.

To: Momma-San

From: JC

Subject: Fun Night

Hey momma. It’s 9pm and Jasper and I are just getting home, I didn’t want to call and bug you. Cindy’s sons’ band was playing a small outdoor show in downtown Bethlehem – they call it Tunes at Twilight – and I went tonight. I took ‘the boy’ because I knew he was cooped up in the house all day and I felt bad about leaving him, plus downtown Bethlehem is very puppy friendly – some places even have water bowls outside – so I figured we’d give it a try…worst we’d have to do is turn around and go home.

My friend Cheryl met us and we listened to the band awhile – we even saw a few people from work. Jasper was very popular – lots of people petting him and saying how pretty he was! He was very good for the most part – he only really ‘met’ one other doggy there, named Spike (Big doggie!), they sniffed each other for a bit, then Jasper backed off (the pussy, ha ha). The kiddos that were around didn’t really bother him – if they wanted to see him they all asked first, and I just said, “Thanks for asking, sorry, but he’s just not that friendly with kids.” And they were ok with it, didn’t bug him or anything, plus if there was a little kid close by he pretty much walked away from them.

After we listened to the band awhile, Cheryl and I were hungry for dinner, so we walked up to the Brew Works and sat down outside to eat – we split onion rings (beer battered, with a Parmesan peppercorn dipping sauce, yum), and I had a spinach and strawberry salad with toasted almonds, goat cheese, and an orange vinaigrette. Oh my goodness so good. I’m so going to make that at home! Best part is Cheryl insisted on paying because of all the cooking I do when they come over here (score). I gave her money for tip, though. I didn’t want to be a total mooch.

Jasper was…okay during dinner. I got a bowl and poured some water in it, and I had treats with me, but every once in a while he’d bark at people walking by. It just got a little…embarassing. I felt like he was disrupting people’s meals…now I know how people with screaming little ones feel in public! But again, even at dinner, people just kept coming up and petting him, and saying how soft he was and how pretty and how they couldn’t believe that he was over ten years old.

The little attention whore ate it up.

But we’re home now, and he’s passed out on my feet. It was nice to get out, and such a nice night, too.

Talk to you soon.



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