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Project: Kitchen; Day Eleventy Thousand and Twenty-Seven

Or so it feels.

Tasks assigned at beginning of Project: Kitchen:
1. Pain Cabinets. Replace hardware.
2. Remove the ‘God-Forsaken’ wall paper, sand, prime, and paint walls.
Mutha-Humpin’ CHECK!
3. Replace range hood.

Check. (Namaste, Buddha)

4. Replace overhead light that resembles a frosted glass breast with brighter, more modern light fixture.

Erm, check. And how about a HALLELUJAH! ?

5. Replace nasty-ass burnt sienna/orange laminate counters with gorgeous OMFGSQUEEIT’SSOPRETTYMEWANT granite:

Giggity-giggity. Check.

6. Replace tired-ass sink and lame dripping faucet with New! Awesome! Under-mount! Sink! And one of those faucets with the pull-out sprayers:

Check. *air hump*

7. Replace ugly, nasty, worn-out, damaged cheapo stick-on lineolum floor tiles with pretty cherry wood laminate:
Almost done, my babies. Then my house, my life, and my (waning more each day) sanity can return to normal.


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