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If You Say ‘Nesting", You Get Smacked.

This weekend I was feeling oddly domestic. I mowed the lawn and whacked the hell out of some weeds. I vacuumed and dusted. I made pancakes and sausage for Big Poppa, who was under the kitchen sink again to finish the plumbing. I even cleaned the ceiling fan in the kitchen. I went so far as to (Ok, this is embarassing) clean the scuff marks from my shoes that I’m too lazy to walk up so I just sort of toss them up there off the walls going up the stairs with one of those Magic Erasers. It got to the point where, while I was sitting watching a little TV and eating lunch, I got up and dusted part of the coffee table that I missed BECAUSE IT BOTHERED ME. I interrupted a meal TO CLEAN SOMETHING.

What is that about? And how can I make sure it happens again?


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