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In case you were wondering who I got it from.

This weekend is supposed to be the first (and most likely only. Grumble.) honest-to-goodness hot and sunny weekend of the summer, and I made last minute plans to take a half day off tomorrow and spend Friday into Saturday at my parents’ place to relax by the pool.

I’m going over my mental list of shit to take along and couldn’t remember if there was any dog food left from 4th of July weekend for Jasper, so I called Mama-San quick to check. She was upstairs when I called, and the food is kept downstairs. What follows is a transcript of the conversation that took place between my parents that was YELLED INTO THE PHONE for my benefit.

Mama-San: “HUSBAND!”

Big Poppa: “WHAT?!”

M-S: “Can you please check in the laundry room and see if there’s dog food?”

B P: “WHY?!”


M-S: “Uh, because I’m hungry and thought I’d have a little snack?”

B P: “Screw you.”

Mama-San, to me: “It’s a good thing you got your father’s looks and my brains, sweetie.”


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