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If I told you how much this happened to me you’d just shake your head and chuckle sadly.

Back when I used to shop uncontrollably to make myself feel better have credit cards, I bought this GORGEOUS yet ridiculously expensive bag. I don’t carry it much, because it’s more of a spring/summer bag, and also because it’s enormous. This bag could be used as carry-on luggage. It could hold a dead body (well, parts of a dead body). I could go all Paris Hilton and carry about a dozen tea cup chihuahuas in it.

100_1300 by you.

It’s a big purse, okay?


I’ve been carrying this gorgeous yet awkwardly oversize bag for about two months, but have been switching out on the occasion when I want to travel light, with just my wallet, keys, and cellphone. Which is what I did Friday night when I went to dinner with my family to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. Good dinner, fun times.

Cut to today, when I planned to leave the house for the first time this weekend to go grocery shopping. I grabbed my big bag, threw in my shopping list and reusable bags (see? Huge.), and headed out the door. I stopped first at a Certain Greeting Card store to pick up a couple of cards for friends. I proceeded to pay for said cards and found – surprise! – no wallet. I had no wallet in my purse. I profusely apologize to the ladies behind the counter and leave the store, embarrassed as all get out.

On the way home I realized the wallet was in my back up bag since Friday night. And since I hadn’t gone anywhere all day yesterday, it never made it back into my original bag. Um, DUH.

By the time I got back home I was in the midst of a full-blown bitch fit. It was after 4:30, and I really did not feel like going back out. So, I figured to heck with it, and decided to order in Chinese instead of making FAHEETAS! as I’d originally planned.

Here’s hoping tomorrow doesn’t bite me in the ass like today did.


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