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The Politics of Facebook

I try to keep my politics to myself, I really do. I know enough about politics to know that I don’t…know enough. I try not to engage others in political discourse when I can’t spout facts off the top of my head to back me up. (Yes, I like to have facts, unlike some people, who just regurgitate what they’ve heard from Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Sorry. ahem.) I just know what I believe, and I stand behind those beliefs wholeheartedly.

I’m ‘friends’ with quite a few people I went to high school with on Facebook, mainly because (I’m assuming) said people were…curious, shall we say, about what I’ve been up to, what I look like (Yep. Still fat. Nope. Not married. No kids, either. We done? Good.), etc…just as I was with them. Noseyness for the win! I could go off on a tangent here about ‘connecting’ with people on Facebook who, once they’ve connected with you never…well, connect, but whatever. That’s not what we’re here for.

Anyway. One of the people from HS that I added has political beliefs that…let’s just say…are not parallel with my own. I’m okay with that, really; it’s something that I’ve sadly had to become used to – liberals are hard to come by around here. Apparently. It’s just that when people are filled with such loathing and close-mindedness towards ideas that aren’t their own that they can’t keep themselves from shouting said beliefs from the rooftops (or their status updates) that upsets me.

And I’m not quiet about my own political leanings – if you look at my info I call myself a ‘stinking liberal’. (Also there’s this, but I don’t really put my writing on shout on Facebook, mostly due to work/family stuff. There’s a link, but you have to be looking for it.) Apart from liking a link or two on friend’s walls, grabbing a piece of progressive flair, Becoming A Fan of Rachel Maddow or ‘Telling Rush Limbaugh He’s Full Of Crap’ (heh), I try to keep my views to myself.

So when this certain person I used to know spouts off about ‘Obamacare’ and ‘Obama’s Socialist agenda’ and saying how the President’s scheduled video address to the nation’s children on the first day of school is an apparent ‘Indoctrination’ into some sort of Hitler-esque youth army, it upsets me. My face flushes, my heart rate goes up, and my blood pressure goes through the roof. This is the same kind of person who, if it were about a year ago and I had posted some sort of status about being anti-war or against GWB, would jump all over me about being anti-American and unpatriotic, yet it’s alright for him to spew hatred day and night about ‘loathing this president and his policies’ on his page. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the right to say these things, I’m just saying there’s a certain level of hypocrisy going on that’s on the level of ridiculousity.

See? Upsetting. To the point where I ramble and am nonsensical. This could also be because it’s 3:45 in the morning and I’ve been up since a little after 1 AM after only having slept about two hours, but there’s no way of actually knowing.

At first I just blocked this person’s status updates from showing up on my wall, which helped a little. But every now and then I would look them up just to see what sort of Fox News spoon-fed vitriol they had recently posted, and I’d get upset again, and come this close to either responding on their original post or posting something of my own, and I’m not about to open that can of worms. I ended up de-friending this person tonight, mostly for my own sanity, and because I know that sooner or later I would have said or done something I would come to regret. I doubt he’ll miss me, nor I him. Connect to friends on Facebook? Only if they agree to not aggravate me.

For me, Facebook is not about politics. It’s not about pushing ‘the liberal agenda’. It’s not about a Public Option for health care. It’s about YoVille, Farkle, Roller Coaster Kingdom, and stalking my friends. And my friend’s friends. It’s about connecting, not dividing.

Man, I should have been in politics. Irony? None of my friends would vote for me.


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2 thoughts on “The Politics of Facebook

  1. I know exactly what you mean, and have already blocked one or two people from my feed. I haven't unfriended yet, but most of my friends are flaming commie liberals like me, so they make up for it and tend to dogpile on the FauxNews types, so that helps.And, this line you wrote regarding friends from high school friending on Facebook? Yep. Still fat. Nope. Not married. No kids, either. We done? Good. That is fucking brilliant! I may need to use that line on a few people who friend me out of the blue!

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