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Random Thought Thursday

I’d love, just once, to be able to go on Facebook and comment anonymously on the photos of people I don’t know. So many times I go through pictures that friends have been tagged in and I just want to be all…

“Orange is a fruit, not a skin color. Give the spray tanner a rest.”

“Sweetie, you’ve got eleventy billion pictures of yourself making the same face at the same angle. Two things you should know: 1.You are not as cute as you think. 2. Keep this up and your friends will see you for what you really are, which is a raging narcissist. Now put the camera down and back away slowly.”

“Oooh, cute baby. Who’s the daddy?”

“Please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP making the kissy face and throwing up the peace sign. It’s cliched and annoying.”

“Dude. You’re on Facebook. PUT THE BONG AWAY.”

“Uh, hate to rain on your parade and everything, but I was wondering if you’d realized that you are, in fact, white?”

“Hmmm. Warm enough for booty shorts, a tank top, and flimsy plastic flip flops, yet cold enough to need that hipster scarf around your neck. Curious.”

“So what are the Gotti boys really like?”

I’m amazed I have any friends at all, really.


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  1. thanks for the laugh! i needed that today!!!and btw, you covered pretty much everything i have wanted to post on so many facebook photos!

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