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September Eleventh.

Today is the day I keep my mouth shut.

There is so much that has been said today, about today. About remembering, about where we were when we heard, about loved ones who were there and didn’t make it out, about having to be there that day and by some grace of chance not going, about the heroes who stepped into those buildings and never came back.

I listen to these stories, to these memories, and I do not speak.

I’ve lived close to New York City all my life, yet my first trip to Manhattan was in December of 2001. There were still missing posters at the ferry station and American flags in everyone’s windows. I remember feeling the same sadness that I felt that day, yet also feeling distant. This wasn’t my city, I didn’t know anyone who worked in the Towers. It didn’t affect me. Yet it did.

I read postings on Twitter and messages of rememberance on Facebook, yet I don’t contribute my own. What else is there to say? What else can be said? We were attacked. We will rise again. We will never forget. We can never forget.

I do not speak. But I remember.


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2 thoughts on “September Eleventh.

  1. Amen … I pray for peace for those who are grieving and give thanks to those who keep us safe. While I was in newspapers, I met the parents of the guy who said "Let's roll." I wanted to hug them very much, but figured that would freak 'em out. I was in awe to be in their presence.

  2. Was just stopping by again,and wanted to leave you a little note to let you know that I love your recipes and enjoy reading your blog!! :}

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