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Also it’s 8:30 but it feels like 9:30.

Now that the time change nonsense is out of the way, can we please get on with November? Every time we have to change the clocks I have to go through the whole “It feels like this time, but it’s actually this time” dance with Big Poppa, who’s a total goober that thinks he’s funny and that it’s the first time I’ve heard that joke. But he’s my daddy and he does things like remodel my kitchen and take me to Penn State games so I let it slide.

Speaking of the kitchen reno, you should know that it’s pretty much done. We started on the floor last weekend and just finished it yesterday. We just have to put in stuff with names like ‘Base Shoe’ and “Cave Moulding’, which are the kind of things you install so you don’t have an inch of space between the floor and the wall, so it’s kind of important? I guess. I’ll have pictures up after today, hopefully.

On a side note, I previously mentioned we were thinking about taking the new floor all the way into the living room, which would look awesome, but after the experience we had installing the kitchen floor, that’s not going to happen right away. I won’t get into the details just in case anyone who might want to purchase my house in the future somehow finds this entry, but last weekend was not fun. There were many ‘sons of bitches’ and ‘mother effers’ and ‘stupid whores’ in my kitchen last weekend. And they were all related to the laminate flooring. Odd. So we’re going to wait until after the holidays to install the living room floor.

Yay, new project.

She says without an ounce of excitement.


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