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I Got Your Hustle and Bustle Right HERE, Pal.

I took Friday off this past week to do some holiday shopping with Momma-San. She’s never been to The Promenade Shops, which aren’t too far from here, there’s a Stein Mart in the South Mall that we both wanted to check out, and my local mall has some new stores that moms had never seen either. A lot to accomplish, to be sure, but we got an early enough start and had determination on our side. Plus our propensity for pig-headedness.

What we did not take into account, however, was a certain President’s visit to the area on the same day. I was hoping we would avoid POTUS for the most part, I knew he was going to be giving a speech at a local Community College, but I thought he wouldn’t be anywhere near where Momma-San and I would be shopping.

Uh. Suffice to say, I was wrong. The presidential visit on Friday basically shut down all traffic in and around the Allentown area. At one point we were stopped on Tilghman St. from passing underneath Rte. 309. We sat and waited, and about five minutes later we saw the motorcade pass by on the overpass.

I waved, but I don’t think he saw me. Heh.

We browsed at Stein Mart and the South Mall, then headed to the Promenade Shops, mainly for lunch. I don’t think mom realized the shops there are a little more upscale than where we usually shop. It was fun to look around, though; mom found a nice new coat at Old Navy, and we had a great lunch at Pandini’s. Gotta love a good wood fire pizza. After browsing a bit at the Promenade, it was off to the Lehigh Valley Mall, and by this time we were tired and just the tiniest bit annoyed with each other. At least I was.

Now, let me explain. When my mother goes shopping, even if it’s Christmas shopping for other people, she always ends up shopping for herself. Always. Maybe she needs a shirt, pair of pants, or (as was the case this day) a new jacket. She did buy the jacket earlier that day, but by the time we got to the mall, she felt she needed a new scarf to go with the jacket. So much so that she would get impatient with me when I found a store I wanted to shop in. I swear, I wasn’t in Lane Bryant for thirty seconds before she was all, “What do you need in here?” and *heavy sigh*. God forbid I’d want to look for myself for a few minutes. We went in a few other stores, but if there was nothing she was interested in, right away it was, “You know, I did want to leave by 3:30.” and “I still want to take a look in Pottery Barn.” and “You could find such a better deal on those Yankee Candles at the Crossings, you know.”

By this time I had had it. I said “FINE, I’m done, let’s go.” We finished browsing the stores she wanted to look at (Yeah, 40 bucks for pillows at Pottery Barn? Like Dad wouldn’t have a stroke if you brought those home.), grabbed a coffee for the ride home, and left. My tally for the day was one nice shirt for Big Poppa, a loaf of Challa bread for french toast from the Fresh Market, and the cutest scarf ever at Old Navy for myself, naturally(It’s not listed on their website, unfortunately. I’ll try to take a pic soon, it’s too cute to not be shared). I don’t really have that many gifts to buy, and I’m a fairly efficient shopper, so I should be able to finish up my holiday purchases in one or two more trips, which I’ll most definitely be taking ALONE, MOTHER.


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  1. My momma and I realized years ago that for a peaceful co-existence we need to divide and conquer when we go to the mall. šŸ™‚ Otherwise, I am not ashamed to admit some massive meltdowns back in the day.

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