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(Fashionably) Late To The Party.

Oh, my little kittens, how I’ve neglected you. I do apologize, and I could offer up all manner of excuses, but that’s just what they’d be — excuses. Lame ones at that.

So…my holidays were good, I was spoiled at Christmas, again. Santa thought I was a very good girl indeed. He must read the blog. I mean, how many times did I complain how awful my old P.O.S. Kodak was? Thanks, ‘Santa’! I also got a new alarm clock with iPod dock, a new iron (You know, for the three times a year I need to iron my clothes), a pair of ugly/cute Hello Kitty slippers, and the usual money and gift cards from the extended family.

My New Year’s Eve was quiet. I don’t usually do much for New Year’s – in fact, the past few years I’ve stayed home, made myself a fabulous meal, watched a movie, and been in bed by 11. This year, a friend from Twitter invited me to – of all things – a Bingo night at a fire station near her home. Apparently it’s a big deal every year – there’s a dinner (pork and sauerkraut, naturally – gotta love the Pennsylvania Dutch), five hours (!!) of bingo, then a band from 11 until 2. We had to skip the band, unfortunately – the bad weather kicked up and I had a 45 minute drive home. No money was won, but a fun time was had, and I am frightened of old Bingo ladies now more than ever. I’m pretty sure if I actually had won any money, I would have been flayed alive by grannies with blue bouffant hair dos.

New Year’s day I sat around the house, slept, and watched TV, including the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway special. I’m so going to win, by the way. When I do, you’re all invited to stay for a weekend. I’ll make pancakes and junk. I also took some time that day to think about New Year’s resolutions.

I don’t usually subscribe to that notion. I’m not exactly the kind of person that keeps their resolutions (who is, really, but it goes double for me). However, this year I’ve set myself a few goals, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Being more active, both with exercise and socially – I’m in danger of being a shut-in
  • Cutting out junk food and snacks in between meals (just the first step on a very long road, I figure slow and steady and all that jazz)
  • Try to be more open with others — I’m actually pretty shy in person, and I realized that being shy and quiet can come off as bitchy and closed off. Need to remedy that.
  • Manage my money a little better – I’m doing okay, but went a little overboard with spending the past month or so. I just want to try to reel it in a little and save more money, so I might take an actual vacation this summer.
  • Put that fancy new camera to good use and take lots of pictures, maybe even find a reasonable photo-taking class.
  • Get the house more in order so the basement and spare bedroom look more like liveable space (Ha! HGTV term, bitchez!) and less like rented storage facilities.
  • Write more often on this here blog.
  • Comment more often on others’ blogs.
  • Get Jasper a damn haircut already.
  • Recycle.

I figure I’d sneak one in there that I already do, so I’m already ahead of the game. HA!

Happy New Year, and all that jazz. Instead of hoping for a fabulous 2010, let’s go out and damn well make sure it is.


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