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This Does Not Bode Well

Dear food bloggers, you are killing me.

You realize I’m trying to watch what I eat, right? Emphasis on the try. Because it’s hard to eat healthy when you people keep posting all these fantastic recipes. Here I sit, three hours after I’ve eaten my bun-less turkey burger, steamed veggies and brown rice, and I swear my stomach is not just growling but snarling at the sight of all these recipes.

Like this lemon-olive oil cake from The Kitchen Sink. Lemony, not super sweet, and looks fairly simple to make. Bookmarked.

Or Garlic Butter Noodles at The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, recipe by Steamy Kitchen, whose cookbook I am SO getting ASAP. Simple, buttery, delicious. Makes me want to raid the Asian foods aisle at the grocery store.

OH! And this Lemon Poppy Seed cake from Smitten Kitchen. I’m having a friend over to watch the Dollhouse finale next week, and I’m thinking this might be dessert. Also, I’m apparently craving lemon baked goods right now. mmmmm. Lemon.

Next up, we have two entries from Inn Cuisine at Home. These Snack Mix Bars would be perfect and fun for a snowy Saturday afternooon, and this Caramel Banana Pie is just…obscene. It the most delicious way possible.

I’ve been wanting to try to make my own pasta for a while, and these homemade egg noodles by Cooking with Anne might just push me over the edge. By the way, Anne’s a local girl! I met her briefly last week, she’s so sweet.

Perfect Potatoes Au Gratin, by The Pioneer Woman. Potatoes, cream, butter, and cheese. My four favorite words in the world.

Nutella Milkshake by bell’alimento? Oh, good gravy, YES.

This Key Lime Cake from Baking in Boots? I give up.

So long, turkey burgers. Me and my thighs are throwing in the towel.


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