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"No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

In the month since last we met, the following has occurred/been done by/happened to yours truly:

  • I applied, interviewed for, and was offered a per diem position at my old job. My old boss (let’s just call her Satan’s Mistress, mmmkay?) was forced to decided to retire, and her replacement had heard such good things about me that she asked me to apply for a position (So suck on THAT, you warthog-faced old hag). I accepted, of course – who couldnt’ use some extra cash – and am just waiting for my NJ license renewal to come before I can start. It’ll be nice working with my old peeps again; I’ve missed them.
  • The kitchen ceiling sprung a leak. I actually don’t want to get into too much detail about this, it happened once almost three weeks ago and not again (knock on wood), and the source of the leak has not been found yet nor has the problem been dealt with. Hopefully soon.
  • I lost ten pounds.
  • I gained five back.
  • I argued with my mother, lovingly. (Perhaps this is a given?)
  • I attended a concert for one of my favorite bands and realized that I am now, in fact, too old for General Admission Floor seats (or no seats, as it were). Standing that amount of time crammed in a crowd nearly killed me and my feet. Good show, though.
  • I got snowed in for one day, during the SNOWPOCALYPSE. That was fun.
  • I attended an Open Mic night at a local coffee shop. It was organized by an acquaintance on Twitter, and I got to see quite a few talented people perform. Plus I had one of the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, so…bonus.

And that was about it. So, you know, you didn’t miss much.


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