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I Am A Delicate Flower.

I spent some time on the phone today calling a couple different companies inquiring about phone, internet, and TV service because my bill had become outrageous – to the tune of $270 a month.

Dudes. I KNOW.
So, anyway, I called a couple companies, got some prices for their bundled packages, and then called my provider telling them I wanted to cancel service, which of COURSE got them to lower my bill (I did lose a couple services, including 20 Mb internet which I had NO idea I had – unnecessary!), and I’m ending up saving almost $90 per month.
I was talking about the situation with my co-workers, going over the pros and cons of each company, when this little exchange occured:
D: But with (company redacted), they charge you per TV.
Me: I only have one TV.
D:Really? You don’t have TV in your bedroom?
Me: No. Bedrooms are for sleeping and fucking. Not watching TV.
Me: Oh, look. I think Dr. Z.’s head just exploded.
two minutes later….
Wilson: You know, Jenn, I used to have an idea about what went on in the work place as far as propriety and professionalism went.
Me: Oh, honey, that flew out the window long ago.
*cue evil laughter*


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