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Cleaning House

I’ve spent most of my time the past two months doing a lot of work around the house with my mom & dad. We started in the living room and replaced the carpet with laminate flooring. I’m officially loving it. No more vacuuming! No more dust and dog hair!

It started like this:

And ended up like this:

Could you die? It’s fabulous.

Jasper, however? Oh, he hateses it he does, precious. He slips and slides all over the place. It’s funny yet pathetic at the same time.

We also did some improvements outside, re-organizing my small garden shed and re-planting my flower bed in the rear of the house. We replaced the horrid scalloped brick border with some fancy tumbled brick and the black mulch that never seems to stay put with some pretty landscaping stones. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the flower bed, but trust me. It’s an improvement.

I’ve also taken some time (with mom and dad’s help) to do some major spring cleaning. I’m pretty good about keeping the main areas of the house tidy, but some rooms – the spare room and basement, specifically – were embarrassing. Worse than a frat house. Like one of those houses you see on Clean House or Hoarders, even. Not so anymore, however. The spare room is being turned into an office – eventually. I’m painting it, putting in some bookshelves, possibly a small desk – it’ll be nice to have a place to organize everything. It’s going to take a while, especially with my extra help soon focusing on their own home (as they well should), but I’m hoping that I’ll have a nice little office by July 4th.

And he won’t be allowed in it.


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