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Yes. I know.

And, really, there’s no point in trying to make an excuse. I. Suck. At. Blogging.

But! I’m having a lot of fun this summer. So there’s that.
There’s been lots of swimming; the weather this summer has been gorgeous – super hot, lots of sun – perfect for sitting by the pool during the weekend. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my parents so I could just pop in on a weekday after work for a quick swim and then I realize the just how horrible that could be and I change my wish to, like, a pony or something. Better.
There was a vacation! Not a getting-out-of-town kind of vacation, but a get-the-heck-out-of-the-office vacation, which I hadn’t had in years. So that was nice.
There were BBQ’s. Some were scandalous.
There’s been babies! Lots of yummy babies, so sweet and so cute. J gave birth to baby girl #2, and for all intents and purposes here we’re going to call her Pumpkin.
She’s pretty awesome.
Also, Wilson’s wife had their new little one, a boy! So very happy for them. He’s pretty awesome, too. I think I might have to do some matchmaking in about 18 years…
And there’s been baking. I don’t know what got into me this month, but in the space of two weeks, I baked chocolate chip cookies, zucchini bread, and Smitten Kitchen’s Car Bomb Cupcakes. I *think* the phase has passed, but we can never be too sure. Oh! I also did some baking for a Relay for Life fundraiser — made $42 off my product alone. If this isn’t proof enough that I shouldn’t be proprietor of some sort of bakery, I don’t know what is.
Perhaps the fact that I have no business savvy or financial backing? Maybe.
Anywho, that’s been my summer. I hope you’re enjoying yours just as much.


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