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Ladies and Gentlemen, My Mother.

The scene: This past Sunday afternoon, while floating in mom and dad’s pool:

“Momma, you have a follow up with Dr. R. on Tuesday, how’s your knee feeling?”

“Still no better. Think I’m going to need that MRI after all — hey, I’m stopping at the farm stand tomorrow, want me to bring you any veggies when I come down? Fresh tomatoes or something?”
“You don’t need to buy me –.”
“Do. You. Want. Vegetables?”
“Oh, alright. But I’m good with tomatoes. Maybe yellow squash? Or broccoli. That’s enough.”
“Mmm-hmm. And what about green beans?”
“You don’t have to buy me–“
“Do you want green beans, if they have them?”
“Sure. I’ll take green beans, if they have them. But don’t go nuts.”
“Of course I won’t, honey.”
Cut to today, 10 am. I’m at work. My cell phone rings.
“Jenny, can you come to the back entrance? I want to give you those veggies. I’d bring them in with me but there’s a couple of bags here.”
“Mom, I told you not to get a lot–“
“Jennifer, come get your vegetables.”
“Yes, mom.”
Safe to say I’ll be eating healthy this week.


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