Blogging To My 16 Year-Old Self.

I usually don’t pay attention to the memes that circulate around Twitter — 9 times out of 10 they’re childish and annoying. Today, however, I saw one circulate that I actually participated in; the ‘Tweet yourself at age 16’ meme. I only tweeted twice with the tag, but it made me think about what else I would say to myself at that age. 

Dear Me at age 16;
First off, honey, stop being such a bitch to Mom. She ends up being your best friend, and the one person in the entire world who will put up with all your shit and still love you the next day. Secondly, do some damn homework. Study. Consider Penn State, but maybe take a year off first to grow the hell up. Travel when you can. Learn to speak Spanish. Take pictures. Fall the fuck in love. But not with him, because he just used you to get over her. 
Don’t waste your tears. 
Be reckless. Be wild. Enjoy your youth. Don’t be so concerned with being the good girl. Make friends, but be careful who you trust.
Tell Grandma you love her, a lot. 
Credit cards are a bad idea before you get a real job. As are denim overalls in 1997. 
Stop perming your hair. It’s gorgeous. 
And so are you. 
You at age 35

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