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Seven Random Thoughts in Lieu of an Actual Post

  1. It never occurred to me how much I dislike DST. I left for work today and it felt as though I were an hour behind schedule all day. Not to mention leaving in the dark at 5pm. Hate.
  2. There is no comfort food on earth I enjoy more than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Fun fact: when I was little, I use to call a grilled cheese sandwich a “cookin’ samwich”. Because, well, you had to cook it. 
  3. I just remembered that. Weird.
  4. ‘In Lieu of’ is a fun phrase to say. In lieu of. In lieu of. 
  5. I think I need another throw rug in the living room. It looks empty. 
  6. Tomato soup gives me a little heartburn. 
  7. Oh look at that, past my bedtime. 


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