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The 2010 Year In Review Post That’s Only a Few Days Late.

I’m not one for year in review posts, or looking back at the past year of the blog. Mainly because I don’t post all that much, so there’s not exactly a wealth of content to review. But I do take a lot of pictures, both with my regular camera and my cell phone camera, and looking at pictures from the past year brings back a lot a fun memories.

Like January.

Peanut took to Wii Tennis like nobody’s business. She will take you to school, son!

In February, we had a small snow storm.


In March, I took a day trip to NYC with a group of friends from Twitter.

We went to MoMA for the Tim Burton exhibit, ate dinner in Little Italy, drinks at an Irish pub, and had an all-around fantastic day.

April was the month for home improvement.

It’s so pretty.

There was also some baking.

Key Lime cake. So yummy.

And I drank beer.


In May, there was the first BBQ of 2010.


Drinks on the patio at the Keystone with Wilson and Danielle.

And toes in the pool on Memorial Day weekend.

In June, we rocked to save the animals.

And celebrated 5th birthdays.

In July, there were sweet cuddly bundles.

(I show this picture to mom when I want to torture her. Mwahaha!)

My friends have the cutest babies, for serious.

I hosted not one, but two BBQ’s.

And that is the only picture anyone is allowed to see from either of them. Scandalous!

We had Fancy Dinner Night at one of Bethlehem, PA’s finest dive bars.

And I did this.

In August there were a few weekends by the pool.

And sweet baby faces.

There was a winery run by hippies,

silliness in the Cabela’s store,

and drunken friends in the H-town fountain.

September came, and I celebrated my birthday.

With cake.

And pretty dresses.

In October, I cheered on the Nittany Lions with my Daddy.

I drank tiny beers.

I dressed like a hippie.

And I said good-bye to my best friend.

In November, I baked pecan pie.

I played Scrabble on the best Saturday afternoon ever.

And I went to Reading Terminal Market.

December came, which meant it was time for Christmas trees

and the best gift ever

And New Years Eve with Peeps falling from the sky.

I had a fantastic year, and for all the bad there was 10 times as much good. Thank you to all my friends for making 2010 as wonderful as it was, and here’s to an even better 2011!


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