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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fear. Ever since a Certain Bad Guy was killed in the Middle East, people have been talking about how “afraid” they are. Afraid of retribution, afraid of more war and higher gas prices (although that last one can’t get much scarier). I’m not trying to get ultra political here — I’ll leave that sort of thing to people that actually know what they’re talking about — but I just don’t understand this whole fear thing.

I mean, sure, I have fears — snakes in toilets, sharks in pools (shut UP, it’s legit), creepy clowns, weird old ladies, forced small talk — but fear of the unknown? Fear of something that hasn’t happened and there’s no way of knowing if it ever will? I don’t get that.

If we let our fears dictate our actions, if we all were afraid of what MIGHT happen, nothing WOULD happen. Fear is the enemy of progress, of discovery. Fear breeds ignorance and hatred. It’s because of fear that it is legal for a government to spy on its own citizens and for an airport security guard to perform enhanced pat downs on children.

Sorry, political again.

You can’t refuse to make tough decisions in your life because you’re afraid of what might happen, of a future that’s not yours to control in the first place. Because to give in to fear is to succumb to mediocrity. To give in to fear is to settle for what’s comfortable, even though it’s not why you truly want.

We’re all afraid at times, in the dark unknown. The important thing is to have someone next to you to face it. Someone you love that loves you back, without doubt or pause.Someone to hold your hand and to light the way.


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