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It Inevitably Includes “Do The Laundry” And “Wash The Dishes”

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m a big list-maker. I’m constantly writing down items I need from the store, tasks I need to finish around the house and the like. Now, mind you, I don’t always finish all the tasks on these lists, as evidenced by the grass that hasn’t gotten cut in over two weeks (It’s been raining and I’ve been busy. Don’t judge me), but list-making helps me organize my thoughts and prioritize what I’d like to finish first.

I blame this list-making tendency on habits I picked up from working in a job where I have to have my schedule prepared a day or two ahead of time. I need to make sure a patient’s paperwork is all in order, that I have the correct study ordered, they’ve had all the necessary pre-screening tests, and all the billing forms are ready. So over the years I guess I’ve gotten used to being organized and prepared. Also, if you subscribed to the whole horoscope thing (and I kind of do, but I’m not married to the idea), you could blame my propensity for preparedness and organization on being a Virgo, but that wouldn’t explain the state of my spare bedroom, because dudes, you do NOT want to go in there.

I don’t even think you could, physically.

Because my work schedule was recently changed to four ten-hour days and I get a whole day during the week off, I’ve become more and more proactive with getting things done around my house. Since I started working two jobs last year and am still attempting to have some sort of social life, I wasn’t getting a lot of “at home” time to focus on things like vacuuming and doing the laundry, but now with this one extra day during the week (and an unspoken unwillingness to constantly fill that day with hours working at the second job), I have actually been able to scratch a lot of the tasks off the “Get Shit Done At Home” list, and I’m also making “To Do In The Near Future” lists, like look for new end tables for the living room and plan a party around the holidays.

Is this Bizarro World, or is this just what being a responsible adult feels like? HOLY CRAP WHO AM I?


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