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31 Day Blog Challenge, Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

I’m back for day 2 of Boy Oh Boy’s 31 day blog challenge! Today my task is to share 20 facts about me. How does a numbered list grab you?

  1. With the exception of two semesters of dorm life, I lived at home until age 27. I make no excuses for this. The rent was free and the food was good.
  2.  I organize my DVD’s alphabetically.
  3.  I’ve owned nine cars since I was 17. I totaled two of them.
  4. I flunked out of my first college after my second year(I had a problem “focusing” and “applying myself” Also? I “HATED THAT SCHOOL”). I enrolled in a community college the next semester and made the dean’s list for two years straight.
  5.  It took me four years to finish that community college, because I was working full-time to pay for it.
  6.  The first time I dropped the f-bomb in front of my mother was while we were making cut-out Christmas cookies. Happy effing Birthday, Jesus.
  7. I can read a 300-page book in less than eight hours.
  8. I can quote entire episodes of Friends verbatim.
  9.  I’ve seen The Exorcist exactly once. It gave me nightmares for a month. I can, however, watch Jaws any time it’s on TV.
  10. I like the Rolling Stones, but I prefer the Beatles.  I’ve loved the White Album since I was a kid.
  11.  My first summer job (at age 15) was as a Saturday morning cleaning lady at a resort in the Poconos. Up before 6 am, scrubbing toilets until 2. Worst twelve Saturdays ever.
  12.  I can flip my eyelids inside out. Yeah, it’s kind of gross.
  13. I love comic book/superhero movies even though I’ve never actually read a comic book. Related: I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for the Avengers movie this Friday.
  14. I’ve visited New York City three times in the past year and it’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities. If I had limitless resources I’d own a fabulous loft in SoHo for weekend trips.
  15. Chicken Marsala, chocolate chip cookies, and Italian Cream cake are my best recipes.
  16. With the exception of two or three trips to Canada, I’ve never been outside of the United States. I hope to change this eventually.
  17. I do voices when I’m feeling silly.
  18. I’m an only child.
  19. My least-favorite household chores are folding/putting away the laundry, mowing the lawn, and doing the dishes, in that order.
  20. Fresh pineapple is my favorite fruit.


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