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Not the Poltergeist from Hogwarts

What are my pet peeves (or pet hates)? How much time do you have?

I’m kidding, kind of. I’ll stick with a numbered list here so as to not get ranty and long-winded.

  1. Rudeness. If you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on me. I’m fairly certain I didn’t do anything to you.
  2. People that don’t return the grocery store carts to their proper place. Is it really that hard to walk 25 feet to the corral in the parking lot? COME ON.
  3. Pajama bottoms worn as regular pants outside the house. Ladies, stop kidding yourselves. This is NOT cute. You look sloppy and like you probably smell but I wouldn’t get close enough to check anyway. If you’re just hopping in your car to get drive through coffee or dropping your kids at the bus stop that’s one thing but when you go to the grocery store and the doctor’s office and athe MALL like that, be prepared to be judged. Harshly. Put on some real damn pants, for crying out loud.
  4. Know-it-alls and holier-than-thou types. You’re not, so shut the fuck up.
  5. People that drive slow in the passing lane and refuse to pull to the right, or people that refuse to let others merge onto the highway. There’s a special place in Hell for you jerks.
  6. The “If you don’t copy/paste this post you’re not a true patriot/Christian/what-have-you” brand of Facebook status. Social media: YOU’RE DOING IT ANNOYINGLY.
  7. 8 year old children with iPhones. I allow for old iPhones that are now used as iPods, but otherwise, please no. When I was 8, I had dolls and a bike and I played outside and I LIKED IT. Fresh air: it’s not just for third world countries!

I can feel my blood pressure rising. I think that it’s best I stop now.

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