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Also There Were Wet Naps

A little late on this one, there was baking this evening.

Day 8 of the 31 Day blog challenge, and the subject is near and dear to my heart — What’s In Your Bag?

I love these kinds of posts! I even belong to the ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ group on Flickr, though I haven’t posted to it in ages. Please excuse the poor photography; I took the opportunity of some downtime at the office to snap the picture with my phone. Let’s see what’s in the abyss, shall we?

First off, I suppose I should tell you about the bag (MULTIPLE RUN-ON SENTENCE ALERT).  I’ve been having a major turquoise moment this spring (just like everyone else), and I fell in the love with this bag the moment I saw it in (of all places) JC Penney. I stopped in there during the JC Penney Shop-In to counteract the One Million Moms protest of Penney’s (for not pulling their advertising from Ellen Degeneres’ show). I fight the good fight, especially when cute handbags are involved. (Note: I tried to link to the purse on Penney’s site but it looks like it’s no longer available. Sorry!)

My Hello Kitty wallet is from the Sanrio store in Times Square. I like that it features HK but still looks like a regular grown-up wallet.

Of course I have my iPhone charger and plug – I can’t make it through the day without them.

Two types of eye drops – Blink, for rewetting my contacts and Tobramycin for my recent run-in with pink eye (ew).

Two ponytail elastics.

Tide pen. Must have. My boobs eat more than I do most days.

Car keys. Yes, that keychain is a model of a knee replacement. I work in orthopedics, and a rep passed them out to us a few years ago. It’s a fun conversation piece. Or another reason for potential suitors to think I’m really really weird.

A coin pouch that holds all my “Super Saver Club” cards from all my favorite stores. Fact: they’re in alphabetical order. SO much easier to find the one I’m looking for when I need it.

Coupon for a local restaurant that I immediately threw out after taking this picture.

Lead x-ray marker, right side. My “left” is on my dresser.

Two pens and a highlighter.

Ticket stub from Rave movie theater to see The Avengers, 2D.

Trident Layers gum, cherry lime. Yum.

Ice Breakers mints, spearmint. I think.


Pill box containing two Excedrin.

Midol and other lady businees.

Fabulous sunglasses from Old Navy.

Sniff tissues featuring Hello Kitty. Of course.


Three different brands of lip balm.

Four different kinds of lip gloss.

I thought maybe my pride and/or shame would be in there as well, but after this post apparently I have neither.

Well? What’s in your bag?


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