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Of Course Cake was Involved.

One of my earliest memories happened to be during my 4th birthday party. It was early September, and my parents had thrown a party with my family and friends. I remember Nicholas, Erin, Dennis, and Mel being there, along with my grandparents and  great grandparents. I was wearing my favorite dress – a brown jumper with white turtle neck. We hadn’t quite started building the house my parents live in now, and were living in a trailer at the rear of the property. The party was hopping – well, for a four year old’s party – running around the yard, playing hide and seek, playing with our dog, Jaime. I think I got a doll and some other toys for gifts. It was a great day, until my mother brought out the cake. I bent over the table to blow out the candles and when I stood back up, I had frosting all over the front of my favorite dress.

I was devastated. My dress! I was covered in frosting! In front of EVERYONE I knew! Such four year old drama! My mother just laughed it off, cleaned me up, and cut and served the cake. She was much more laid back in the late 70’s.


I think it was the pot.

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