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The First Half of Summer 2012. At Least, The Part Where I Wasn’t At Work.

Wow. So much for that whole “31 posts in 31 days” thing. Although I did get further into that project than I actually thought I would, so. Progress, or whatever.

It’s hard to have a job (or two) and a life and regularly post to a blog, yo. That’s why I haven’t posted in over a month and work and busy and et cetera. But! I have been having fun along with all the work. There was a Pub Crawl and some hiking and some swimming and…meh, that’s about it. I took a lot of days at job #2 the past month to bank some money away in anticipation of some time off this month and next. No real vacations planned, just extra long weekends of nothing, which inevitably end up getting booked beyond capacity with picnics and outings and movie nights and trips to the pool and other fun things to make up for all the time spent working.

I’ve taken advantage of the time off by doing things around the area that I’ve never done before that have been on my “Summer in the Lehigh Valley Wish List” for quite some time, namely the Celtic Classic Kilt (Pub) Crawl, and hiking to the top of Bake Oven Knob.

We tend to get a little silly after drinks.

Kilts! The lovely lady in the right of the picture wearing the cow kilt is my friend Silagh, who was able to convince me to join the Kilt Crawl, even though I had worked 12 hours overnight the night before.

She’s persuasive, that one.

Massive bug bites aside, it was a beautiful hike, and I might actually want to do it again.

Next up: Becky’s Drive-In, and *maybe* tubing in the Delaware River.


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