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Checking In, and Also That NaBloPoMo Thing.

Yes, I have survived the wrath of Frankenstorm Sandy. I was without power for about 36 hours and without TV/Internet for another 36, but I made it. The house is still standing, the basement stayed dry, and I learned that I am NOT cut out for the pioneer lifestyle. Thankfully my parents still had power and I was able to stay at their place for a night so I didn’t freeze my nose off here.

I never realized how cold a house gets when the power’s off.

Every November I make a feeble attempt at NaBloPoMo, and this year shall be no different. We’ll see if I make it through, or if, like the last two years, I get uninterested/too busy/too tired/too lazy to post every day. I would have started yesterday, but the whole no internet thing kind of interfered with that and I had spent the day cleaning out and restocking refrigerator and freezer, so I had no time to sit at Starbucks in front of my netbook with my pumpkin spice latte staring off into space and pondering the meaning of life.

Or whatever it is those hipster types do. Something to do with cats and cheeseburgers, or so I’ve heard.

Text “RED CROSS” to 90999 to give $10 for Hurricane Sandy relief. You can give more here. Every little bit helps. 


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