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Ten Weird Confessions

I will snuggle in bed with as many blankets as you can give me, but I can’t sleep with anything on my feet.

I’ve always wanted to light a lighter under one of those emergency sprinklers to see if it would really set them off.

I carry at least six tubes of lip balm/gloss on me at all times.

I won’t eat an egg sandwich, ever. No McMuffins, no breakfast burritos, won’t even scoop them onto toast. No.

I love the word “supposebly”, even though it’s not a word. Same for “irregardless”.

I think a Boston accent is as sexy as a British one.

I love being in the dark.

I frequently have entire conversations with myself.

I say I hate horror films but JAWS is my favorite movie of all time. In truth, I’m just a pussy and Freddy Kruger scares the shit out of me.

I fall asleep sitting up at least three times a week.


Hi, I'm Jenn and welcome to my half-assed food blog. Here I share some recipes, lots of drinks, and talk about feeding my friends. Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Ten Weird Confessions

  1. I love “supposebly” too! Mostly because it was on Friends, and when I say it, I like to repeat it like Joey did. When I hear people use “irregardless” like it’s an actual word, I pity them. When it’s used ironically, then it’s hilarious.

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