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Getting Back On The Horse (Now With More Parentheticals!)

For the past two years, it’s been almost impossible for me to put a half decent blog post together, mainly owing to the fact that the only functioning computer I had at my disposal was a teeny little Acer net book. I love that little thing. I take it everywhere. It’s perfectly fine for emails, shopping, watching netflix, updating facebook or Twitter, but when it came time to upload pictures and attach them to posts and, indeed, write at all…suffice to say it was less than desirable.

I’ve been saving up for a new computer for a while, and I knew for sure that I would be going Mac with my next purchase. (Yes, I worship at the altar of Steve Jobs. I’m a fangirl. I drink the Kool-Aid. Whatever, they’re prettttyyyy. And they’re amazing machines, so. Hush.) I just wasn’t sure if I was going desktop or laptop, Air or Pro, 21.5 in or 27 in., et cetera and so forth. Finally the other weekend I had had enough. I was attempting to study for my Cat Scan registry exam on the net book, and it was. Not. Going. Well. (Neither did the exam, but I can retest in a month or so. Serves me right for only studying from one review book.)

So I logged onto the Apple store, logged onto my bank account to make sure the cash was there, and finally, FINALLY, pulled the trigger. And today, a brand new (to me) refurbished 21.5 in iMac is sitting on my kitchen table, and I could not be happier if I was being hand fed grapes and cheese by Bradley Cooper while Alexander Skarsgard played with my hair and scratched my back.


I mean, COME ON.

So with this new development I’m hoping to start posting more. I’ve got a few recipe posts I’m working on, and some other things to share. If I can stop staring at the computer long enough to write about them, that is.


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