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A Day in the Life

Day 15 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, My Daily Routine

My daily routine is pretty normal; get up, get ready, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed. There’s been a slight upheaval this week what with the whole no-working-washing-machine-in-the-house thing, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Here’s a rundown of what I did today.

6:00 AM: wake up, pee. (Sorry) I consider 6am “oversleeping”, because I always plan on getting up at 5 to pack my lunch and bust out 20-30 minutes on my recumbent bike, but sleep kind of wins. Every day.

6:05: iPhone time. Email, facebook, twitter, reader, instagram, pinterest.

6:30 (laaaaattteee): shower.

6:45 get dressed, brush teeth, put in contacts, brush hair.

7:00: run downstairs, put on shoes, throw whatever food I can into my lunch bag, and

7:10 drive to work

7:30 arrive at work, punch in, unlock office, turn on computers, run the daily QA on the scanner, put in the day’s MRI orders and type patients/information into the worklist, get all paperwork in order.

7:55 Get coffee, mix instant oatmeal.

8:00 Start morning patients, which are scheduled every hour on the hour. Have coffee, oatmeal, and banana while scanning first patient (shh.)

10:15: Second cup of coffee. Continue scanning. Get paperwork for tomorrow’s patients ready, checking for MRI clearance/previous studies/surgery.

12:05: Morning patients done. Greet the GE technician that came in to fix a small problem with the scanner.

12:15: lunch

12:45: prepare for afternoon patients, again every  hour on the hour, until the last one arrives (late) at 16:25.

17:25 Finish with last patient, scan billing sheets to the billing department, empty dirty linen, clean up scanning room, change out of work clothes, punch out at 17:40.

17:45: pull out of parking lot

18:05 Stop at a small grocery store for a head of lettuce

18:15: Stop at local laundromat, put two loads of clothes in to wash.

18:40: load wet clothes in car and head home

18:45 get home, unload car, take wet clothes downstairs and throw into dryer.

18:55: make dinner, which tonight consisted of a tossed salad with some leftover grilled chicken and a side of my favorite roasted broccoli.

19:25: Settle down on the couch to eat & watch some TV.

20:30 Bring dry clothes upstairs and fold

21:00 Finish watching Glee.

22:00: Start to clean up kitchen, get distracted and have a living room dance party (Damn you, Pandora)

23:20: Write this post

23:50 PJ’s. Bed. Sweet dreams, kittens.

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It’s Latin for "By the day"

Ok, so don’t tell anyone, but I’m writing this while I’m at work. 
I KNOW! I’m SUCH a bad ass!
I’ve previously mentioned the per diem Cat Scan/X-ray position I took at a local hospital (the hospital I worked at for five years, actually) back in November. Since then I’ve been working steadily a few days (or more than a few, depending on how many people want time off) a month, and the extra money has, needless to say, been very nice. Around Christmas I used it to buy a few last-minute holiday gifts, and it’s certainly helped a time or two when I’ve been short after paying the bills, or if I “needed” a few things at Target or Sephora. It also helped pay for my travel and expenses during my recent over night trip to New York City, which I’ll tell you all about soon, I promise.
Mostly, though, I’ve been saving the money, which I wasn’t really able to do before. My savings account has been sort of languishing for a few years now, which most people who know anything about money would have a heart attack over. I have a good job and I make decent money, but the bills get paid, I buy groceries, and that’s pretty much it. It’s not easy being a single homeowner, dudes. 
Anyway, with this added income comes the prospect of what to do with all of it. After I’ve saved up a bit, you best believe I will be purchasing ALL THE THINGS. Well, perhaps not all the things, but a fair few of them, including but not limited to:
1. A new refrigerator, finally. FI. NA. LY.
2. Bedroom furniture that wasn’t built during the Reagan administration
3. A brand! New! Desktop! Computer! (You know I’m going Mac, babies), and finally…
4. A real, honest to God, get-me-the-HELL-out-of Pennsylvania vacation. I’m thinking the Florida Keys, but that could change.
Of course, I could hit the Powerball tomorrow and all my problems will be solved. Until then, however, I’m here, working. And dreaming about automatic ice makers.