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Whiskers on Kittens, Not So Much.

Last of my 31 Day Blog Challenge catch up! I feel your excitement!!

Things I love, in no particular order:

1. HGTV, specifically House Hunters and Property Brothers, even though the people that go on those shows sometimes make me want to stab myself in the ears.

2. The smell of thyme, lemons, and cookies in the oven. Not at the same time.

3. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets.

4. The sight of a newly-organized cabinet. Or bookshelf. Or anything, really. That feeling of accomplishment is the greatest, ever.

5. Lying poolside with a beer in my hand.

6. My kitchen. It’s where I gets my swag on.

I apologize for that phrase. Uncalled for.

7. Purses

8. This commercial.

9. Hello Kitty. Yes, I know, I’m 36 and she’s a cartoon character, etc. I love her. Suck it.

10. French bulldogs. I mean COME ON.

11. Philadelphia Phillies baseball

12. Going to the movies

13. Chinese food, specifically spicy chicken with broccoli and fried dumplings.

14. The way the air smells before a snow storm.

15. First kisses.

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It’s All About the Hair, Baby.

Catching up on the 31 day blog challenge, and Day 10 was about  my best physical feature.


Even when it’s messy from being in a ponytail all day, it’s fabulous. I’m still growing it out from an ill-advised bob back in October — I like it better shoulder-length or longer. Props to my best girl, Susie, for keeping me pretty. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Falling behind, Catching Up.

Ahhh where did this week go? I’ve been so busy with work and things around the house and so tired when I get home that I haven’t been able to think about doing the 31 Day Challenge.

So here’s catch-up post number one, from Wednesday; My worst habits.

I’m a huge procrastinator. I always leave things to do for later – laundry, dishes, yard work, paying the electric bill….

This blog. (Ha.)

What else…ooh…laziness, over-spendy, bad language, messy cooker, I never make my bed, and I like to snack.

Too much.

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Also There Were Wet Naps

A little late on this one, there was baking this evening.

Day 8 of the 31 Day blog challenge, and the subject is near and dear to my heart — What’s In Your Bag?

I love these kinds of posts! I even belong to the ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ group on Flickr, though I haven’t posted to it in ages. Please excuse the poor photography; I took the opportunity of some downtime at the office to snap the picture with my phone. Let’s see what’s in the abyss, shall we?

First off, I suppose I should tell you about the bag (MULTIPLE RUN-ON SENTENCE ALERT).  I’ve been having a major turquoise moment this spring (just like everyone else), and I fell in the love with this bag the moment I saw it in (of all places) JC Penney. I stopped in there during the JC Penney Shop-In to counteract the One Million Moms protest of Penney’s (for not pulling their advertising from Ellen Degeneres’ show). I fight the good fight, especially when cute handbags are involved. (Note: I tried to link to the purse on Penney’s site but it looks like it’s no longer available. Sorry!)

My Hello Kitty wallet is from the Sanrio store in Times Square. I like that it features HK but still looks like a regular grown-up wallet.

Of course I have my iPhone charger and plug – I can’t make it through the day without them.

Two types of eye drops – Blink, for rewetting my contacts and Tobramycin for my recent run-in with pink eye (ew).

Two ponytail elastics.

Tide pen. Must have. My boobs eat more than I do most days.

Car keys. Yes, that keychain is a model of a knee replacement. I work in orthopedics, and a rep passed them out to us a few years ago. It’s a fun conversation piece. Or another reason for potential suitors to think I’m really really weird.

A coin pouch that holds all my “Super Saver Club” cards from all my favorite stores. Fact: they’re in alphabetical order. SO much easier to find the one I’m looking for when I need it.

Coupon for a local restaurant that I immediately threw out after taking this picture.

Lead x-ray marker, right side. My “left” is on my dresser.

Two pens and a highlighter.

Ticket stub from Rave movie theater to see The Avengers, 2D.

Trident Layers gum, cherry lime. Yum.

Ice Breakers mints, spearmint. I think.


Pill box containing two Excedrin.

Midol and other lady businees.

Fabulous sunglasses from Old Navy.

Sniff tissues featuring Hello Kitty. Of course.


Three different brands of lip balm.

Four different kinds of lip gloss.

I thought maybe my pride and/or shame would be in there as well, but after this post apparently I have neither.

Well? What’s in your bag?

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Not the Poltergeist from Hogwarts

What are my pet peeves (or pet hates)? How much time do you have?

I’m kidding, kind of. I’ll stick with a numbered list here so as to not get ranty and long-winded.

  1. Rudeness. If you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on me. I’m fairly certain I didn’t do anything to you.
  2. People that don’t return the grocery store carts to their proper place. Is it really that hard to walk 25 feet to the corral in the parking lot? COME ON.
  3. Pajama bottoms worn as regular pants outside the house. Ladies, stop kidding yourselves. This is NOT cute. You look sloppy and like you probably smell but I wouldn’t get close enough to check anyway. If you’re just hopping in your car to get drive through coffee or dropping your kids at the bus stop that’s one thing but when you go to the grocery store and the doctor’s office and athe MALL like that, be prepared to be judged. Harshly. Put on some real damn pants, for crying out loud.
  4. Know-it-alls and holier-than-thou types. You’re not, so shut the fuck up.
  5. People that drive slow in the passing lane and refuse to pull to the right, or people that refuse to let others merge onto the highway. There’s a special place in Hell for you jerks.
  6. The “If you don’t copy/paste this post you’re not a true patriot/Christian/what-have-you” brand of Facebook status. Social media: YOU’RE DOING IT ANNOYINGLY.
  7. 8 year old children with iPhones. I allow for old iPhones that are now used as iPods, but otherwise, please no. When I was 8, I had dolls and a bike and I played outside and I LIKED IT. Fresh air: it’s not just for third world countries!

I can feel my blood pressure rising. I think that it’s best I stop now.

Join in the 31 day blog challenge at Boy oh Boy!

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5 Senses

Day six of the 31-day blog challenge, and I’m still here! Small victories.

My five senses right now…

Sight: Watching Mad Men

Hearing: See above

Taste: Iced tea

Smell: the faint smell of campfire that’s lingering in my hair from sitting fireside last night. No, I did not wash my hair today. I didn’t do much of anything, actually. Lazy Sunday for the win!

Feel: keyboard keys, the laminate floor, my leather chair. Also, feeling tired. Almost bedtime for me.

After I try to figure out what exactly Megan Draper is up to.

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Fear, Itself.

Day 4 of the 31 Day blog challenge and I’m a tad behind. Forgive me, I was out tonight after work with friends to see The Avengers, which if you haven’t seen already you must, even if you’re not a superhero movie fan, because it is THAT awesome.

The challenge for today is to write about my fears, of which I have plenty. Rational fears and not-so-rational ones.  I’m afraid of snakes in my flower beds and sharks in swimming pools. I’m afraid that I might fall down my stairs when I’m home alone and break my neck and not be found for three weeks.

Sorry, morbid.

I’m afraid of unexplained noises in the night. I’m afraid of home invasion. I’m afraid I’ll come home from work one day and my house will have burned down. I’m afraid one day I’ll mess up at work and end up killing someone. I’m afraid my mom will get cancer. I’m afraid my dad will have a heart attack. I’m afraid of losing both my parents, ever.

I’m afraid I’ll never go to Europe. I’m afraid of jellyfish. I’m afraid of tarantulas, velociraptors, zombies, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Pennywise the Clown.

And now I’m probably not sleeping tonight, at all. Awesome.

Share your fears or jump in tomorrow on the 31 day blog challenge!

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Day three of the 31- Day Blog challenge, favorite quotes.

I’m not a big “Inspirational quote” person, but I’ve always liked this one:

“I wrote the story myself. It’s about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it.” ~Mae West

And the nerd in me can always count on Yoda:

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

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31 Day Blog Challenge, Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

I’m back for day 2 of Boy Oh Boy’s 31 day blog challenge! Today my task is to share 20 facts about me. How does a numbered list grab you?

  1. With the exception of two semesters of dorm life, I lived at home until age 27. I make no excuses for this. The rent was free and the food was good.
  2.  I organize my DVD’s alphabetically.
  3.  I’ve owned nine cars since I was 17. I totaled two of them.
  4. I flunked out of my first college after my second year(I had a problem “focusing” and “applying myself” Also? I “HATED THAT SCHOOL”). I enrolled in a community college the next semester and made the dean’s list for two years straight.
  5.  It took me four years to finish that community college, because I was working full-time to pay for it.
  6.  The first time I dropped the f-bomb in front of my mother was while we were making cut-out Christmas cookies. Happy effing Birthday, Jesus.
  7. I can read a 300-page book in less than eight hours.
  8. I can quote entire episodes of Friends verbatim.
  9.  I’ve seen The Exorcist exactly once. It gave me nightmares for a month. I can, however, watch Jaws any time it’s on TV.
  10. I like the Rolling Stones, but I prefer the Beatles.  I’ve loved the White Album since I was a kid.
  11.  My first summer job (at age 15) was as a Saturday morning cleaning lady at a resort in the Poconos. Up before 6 am, scrubbing toilets until 2. Worst twelve Saturdays ever.
  12.  I can flip my eyelids inside out. Yeah, it’s kind of gross.
  13. I love comic book/superhero movies even though I’ve never actually read a comic book. Related: I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for the Avengers movie this Friday.
  14. I’ve visited New York City three times in the past year and it’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities. If I had limitless resources I’d own a fabulous loft in SoHo for weekend trips.
  15. Chicken Marsala, chocolate chip cookies, and Italian Cream cake are my best recipes.
  16. With the exception of two or three trips to Canada, I’ve never been outside of the United States. I hope to change this eventually.
  17. I do voices when I’m feeling silly.
  18. I’m an only child.
  19. My least-favorite household chores are folding/putting away the laundry, mowing the lawn, and doing the dishes, in that order.
  20. Fresh pineapple is my favorite fruit.