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I Am A Delicate Flower.

I spent some time on the phone today calling a couple different companies inquiring about phone, internet, and TV service because my bill had become outrageous – to the tune of $270 a month.

Dudes. I KNOW.
So, anyway, I called a couple companies, got some prices for their bundled packages, and then called my provider telling them I wanted to cancel service, which of COURSE got them to lower my bill (I did lose a couple services, including 20 Mb internet which I had NO idea I had – unnecessary!), and I’m ending up saving almost $90 per month.
I was talking about the situation with my co-workers, going over the pros and cons of each company, when this little exchange occured:
D: But with (company redacted), they charge you per TV.
Me: I only have one TV.
D:Really? You don’t have TV in your bedroom?
Me: No. Bedrooms are for sleeping and fucking. Not watching TV.
Me: Oh, look. I think Dr. Z.’s head just exploded.
two minutes later….
Wilson: You know, Jenn, I used to have an idea about what went on in the work place as far as propriety and professionalism went.
Me: Oh, honey, that flew out the window long ago.
*cue evil laughter*
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In Which I am Vague and Off-Putting.

I’m kind of aggravated with myself right now. I made tentative plans with a Certain Person Who Shall Remain Nameless for this evening. Now, this Certain Person told me to not count on seeing them tonight but made it seem as though I would be seeing them, and told me in no uncertain terms just how much they wanted to see me, so I naturally assumed I would be seeing this Certain Person.

Can you guess what happened?

Can you?

I think you can.

Anyway, I’m aggravated with myself for a few reasons: 1. That I actually kind of cared if this Certain Person did or did not show. 2. That I specifically did not make plans with anyone else because of the tentative plans made with Certain Person. And, 3. That I was enough of an idiot to text Certain Person after they told me they wouldn’t be joining me this evening and say ‘Well, maybe next time.’

Talk about desperate to get laid for company.

I can’t place sole blame on this Certain Person, so don’t get all huffy on my behalf. Certain Person was truthful in the fact that they would be spending time with Important People in Their Life, and a side trip to visit me wasn’t exactly guaranteed. I can’t hate on Certain Person for wanting to be with those Important People as much as possible, I just would have appreciated notice of cancellation of said tentative plans before 10:30 PM.


This past week has been a killer, work was busy and brain-frying, specifically Wednesday. If you had told me at the beginning of the week I would have had the Wednesday I had I would have been better prepared, but since you didn’t I wasn’t and now I blame you. Asshole.

I’ve got no big plans for the weekend (ANYMORE. pfft.), and am hoping to get a chance to go see Up sometime Saturday, but am not counting on it. There’s some plumbing issues that need to be taken care of under my kitchen sink and since Momma-San and Big Poppa are doing all they can to avoid the Wrath of Gram, I’m sure I’ll be entertaining the parentals for the better part of my Saturday. Which I’m totally down with, especially since I’m getting all the construction and plumbing labor for free. And laundry service, if Momma-San is bored enough. Let’s hope she is.