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Had a nice, quiet day with no emergencies, add-ons, or major screw-ups.

The rest of the office was so insanely busy and loud I ended up with a headache at the end of the day.

Lunch at JJ Wongs and coffee after work with a special friend (that’s all you get, so shut it).

Watching my special friend drive away.

All the hours of work I’m getting from my per diem job, not to mention the pay.

I’m hardly home anymore, and am literally exhausted all. The. Time.

Got to hang out with old friends Saturday night at the casino. Won $35.

Left early due to aforementioned exhaustion.

Warmer weather, FINALLY.


Lost 15 lbs.

Ate like I had a tapeworm all weekend.

I feel like blogging again.

This post.

Sorry dudes.

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The National Bird is the White Wagtail and its Main Exports are Timber, Paper, and Agricultural Products.

I was checking out my pitiful blog stats, and it turns out the country that my little blog gets the most hits from (besides the United States, obvs) is Latvia.

So, shout out to that one person all my readers in Latvia. Paldies par apstāšanās ar! (that’s Latvian for “Thanks for stopping by!”) 

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Seven Random Thoughts in Lieu of an Actual Post

  1. It never occurred to me how much I dislike DST. I left for work today and it felt as though I were an hour behind schedule all day. Not to mention leaving in the dark at 5pm. Hate.
  2. There is no comfort food on earth I enjoy more than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Fun fact: when I was little, I use to call a grilled cheese sandwich a “cookin’ samwich”. Because, well, you had to cook it. 
  3. I just remembered that. Weird.
  4. ‘In Lieu of’ is a fun phrase to say. In lieu of. In lieu of. 
  5. I think I need another throw rug in the living room. It looks empty. 
  6. Tomato soup gives me a little heartburn. 
  7. Oh look at that, past my bedtime. 
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To NaBloPoMo or Not to NaBloPoMo?

So it’s National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, and I’m thinking about participating. This is a lofty aspiration for the girl that posts maybe twice a month if she’s lucky, but I’m going to give it a go. I’m sure many days I’ll be lucky to post a photo of the day, and I might even have to dig out a meme or two, but I want to get back into writing & posting recipes – even if nobody reads it – just to have a place for my thoughts. Vapid and ridiculous as they may be.

You’ve been warned.

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What Happens at Work When I’m Bored. A (Somewhat Blurry) Photoessay.

So I have this shirt.

It’s alright, as shirts go. Certainly not fashion-forward, in any sense of the term. But it’s…kinda cute, and it serves its purpose, which for me means it gives me something to wear to work when I don’t feel like wearing my usual scrubs.
But what is that little ass pocket for? As far as I can tell it’s too small to serve any real function.
My pens would fall right out of there. Not good.
Handheld computerized Yahtzee? Maybe. But the battery’s dead, so no point in that.
Hello Kitty? Oh, I wish. But she might fall out and get lost forever. Sadness.
Paperclips = lamesauce.
Wait a minute…what’s this?
Swedish Fish? Perfect fit!
And delicious, to boot.
Om nom nom.
Adios, fishies!
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Yes. I know.

And, really, there’s no point in trying to make an excuse. I. Suck. At. Blogging.

But! I’m having a lot of fun this summer. So there’s that.
There’s been lots of swimming; the weather this summer has been gorgeous – super hot, lots of sun – perfect for sitting by the pool during the weekend. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my parents so I could just pop in on a weekday after work for a quick swim and then I realize the just how horrible that could be and I change my wish to, like, a pony or something. Better.
There was a vacation! Not a getting-out-of-town kind of vacation, but a get-the-heck-out-of-the-office vacation, which I hadn’t had in years. So that was nice.
There were BBQ’s. Some were scandalous.
There’s been babies! Lots of yummy babies, so sweet and so cute. J gave birth to baby girl #2, and for all intents and purposes here we’re going to call her Pumpkin.
She’s pretty awesome.
Also, Wilson’s wife had their new little one, a boy! So very happy for them. He’s pretty awesome, too. I think I might have to do some matchmaking in about 18 years…
And there’s been baking. I don’t know what got into me this month, but in the space of two weeks, I baked chocolate chip cookies, zucchini bread, and Smitten Kitchen’s Car Bomb Cupcakes. I *think* the phase has passed, but we can never be too sure. Oh! I also did some baking for a Relay for Life fundraiser — made $42 off my product alone. If this isn’t proof enough that I shouldn’t be proprietor of some sort of bakery, I don’t know what is.
Perhaps the fact that I have no business savvy or financial backing? Maybe.
Anywho, that’s been my summer. I hope you’re enjoying yours just as much.
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Not Listed: Laundry.

Things I Did Today, A Numbered List:

  1. Slept until 8:30 am
  2. Watched an inordinate amount of HGTV
  3. Ate two containers of Yakisoba ramen
  4. Lay on the couch
  5. Napped twice
  6. Talked to mom on the phone
  7. Checked facebook
  8. Watched Shakespeare in Love for the 15th time
  9. Watched The Amazing Race
  10. Listed what I did today numerically

Things I Did Not Do Today, Also Numbered and List-ified:

  1. Clean the kitchen
  2. Vacuum
  3. Learn to salsa
  4. Scrub the toilet
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Bake a cake
  7. Make the bed
  8. Cut the dog’s toenails
  9. Mow the lawn
  10. Declare war on New Zeland.

There’s much to be said for being a couch potato. Next time, New Zeland.

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Minimum Blog Reqirement, Day 2. Sue me.

Not much to report except my Phillies are, I’m sorry to say, not repeat World Series Champions. (And I will be the first to say I had serious doubts that they would be, so keep the snarky “Philadelphia fans suck” comments to yourself, TYVM.) Jayson Werth, if you need consoling, you know who to call.

Also, I fail at Cupcake Pops. I was attempting them for a work baby shower, and it did not. Go well. Suffice to say I have (delicious) balls of cake and frosting in my fridge, and I doubt I’m going to have them covered in chocolate before 8 AM tomorrow. Heh. Balls. The bruschetta I made came out good, though. Ooh! There’s a post for tomorrow.

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How we’ve had a summer that hasn’t really been a summer.

How much longer I’m going to be able to tolerate working in the medical profession.

How many more days I can go before washing the dishes.

How long it’s going to take before the new floor gets installed in the kitchen.

How I’m going to stop being such a lazy ass and get the spare bedroom organized.

How I’m going to write two recipe posts and the few other posts that have been languishing in my brain for a month.

How to get the laundry to fold itself.

That last one’s tricky.

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My Life as a Cautionary Tale

A few examples of the truly stupid shit I’ve done recently.

Weed whacked while wearing flip-flops. Owie.

Waited until the car is on fumes before I buy gas.

Impulse bought a new 18 inch widescreen computer monitor when the old one gave out, even though there was a perfectly good 15-inch monitor right next to it for 30 dollars less.

Considered signing up for a home security system from some dude that was just walking around the neighborhood (dodged a bullet on that one).

Paid the wrong bill online. Twice.

Re-RE-opened a can of worms with an old ex.

Attempted home made falafel. Ended up with fried hummus.

Never said I was a genius, folks.