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Eccentric Feline Female.

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted, again. I blame myself.

The holidays came and went. I spent time with family and friends. I cooked and baked and partied and celebrated and I am ridiculously glad they’re over. Holidays are fun and all but they’re also exhausting as shit.

Having two cats in the house with a Christmas tree and all my other decorations was a real experience. The first night was an experiment in “What the hell is rolling around on the floor NOW?”, followed quickly by “Cats stay in the basement whenever mom’s not home or asleep,” so that was a trial. I felt bad for doing it but I ultimately slept better knowing things weren’t being knocked over and batted around the living room. Besides, it was only for three weeks. I took all my decorations down New Year’s Day, mostly because I was tired of looking at everything and the tree was dropping needles every time I breathed near it, but also because I was missing my morning snuggles with the boys.

Ugh, I’ve become one of those cat people. How did this happen??

Oh, right.

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I moved my blog to WordPress because…

Oh, hell if I know. I just was bored and procrastinating on cleaning the house and figured now was as good as a time as any.

Anyway, in case you’re new: Hi, I’m Jenn. I used to call myself the Unmarried Housewife, but that was lame and made me sound like I was desperate to land myself a husband when nothing could be further from the truth. I changed the name of that old blog but I thought a fresh start would get my creative juices or whatever flowing.

Side note: I dislike that metaphor. It kind of squicks me out.

I call myself  “Pennsylrican” because I’m half Puerto Rican and half Pennsylvania Dutch. NOT Amish. There’s a difference.

I don’t wear bonnets. But I do enjoy scrapple.

More about me (Because that’s what this is all about, obviously): I work in health care as an MRI, Cat Scan, and X-ray tech. I like the “caring for people” aspect of my job, but not so much the “soul-sucking monotony and infuriating bureaucratic red tape” aspect. If I had my way (and the available funds) I’d go to cooking school and eventually start a catering business.

I enjoy cooking and baking, but am in no way delusional enough to believe I’m highly skilled at either. I’m still learning, for sheezy.

Sometimes I say “for sheezy”.

I’m an only child who’s incredibly close to her parents. They’ve given me so much and I’m only starting to understand and appreciate this.

I’m a homeowner, and love to dream about new projects and home renovations that my dad is kind enough to help me with when time and money shake hands.

I’m goofy, silly, and slightly immature. I’m also a bit nerdy, in the “I adore Buffy, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter” sense. I love movies and TV and am incredibly awkward in public. If you’re not a fan of Pixar animation or haven’t seen The Princess Bride, Jaws, or Pulp Fiction, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

Which kinda sucks for you, because I’m an awesome friend to have.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll try to make it worth your while.